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It may not seem like chipmunks can cause much of a problem, but when a population moves onto your property, you may notice damage to flower beds, retaining walls or brick patios. Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control has experience removing chipmunks in almost every circumstance so they stop damaging your lawn and structures.

What Kind of Damage Can Chipmunk Cause?

Chipmunks are not usually known to cause large amounts of damage, but they are definitely a nuisance. They can bother guests, pets and even get into your house. Besides being a nuisance, they can also consume bird seed, grass seed, flowers or pet food that is not stored in airtight containers. If the chipmunk population is left unchecked, they may burrow under patios or stairs and make their way into retention walls or foundations. Chipmunk burrows are usually well-hidden. They actually stuff their cheeks with the excavated dirt and scatter this dirt throughout the lawn to help conceal their den entrances and exit holes. They usually have several of each. Thus, preventing the "I'll stick the hose in there and flood them out routine".

Really the biggest problem with chipmunks is that when they do remove the dirt under your sidewalk or concrete porch, they are leaving a void. It left uncontrolled they can possibly remove enough soil to cause the sidewalk and porch to collapse from the weight of the concrete. They leave nothing to help hold up the weight of the concrete structure.

    “During a snow event in Kansas City on February 9th, I heard a sound that I thought was in my walls of my bedroom. I tried 5 contacting 5 critter companies that morning but was not able to speak to anyone expect this company, Catch it. They were professional. Explained the process and steps and was able to come that day. Within 3 hours Garret, came out found the issue. Got rid of the debris and replaced the entrance to my attic from unwanted guest. I have a piece of mind and grateful. Knowledgeable and great service. Please use for whatever you need. I will used again if need be.”

    Monique James

    “Wade and his team did a wonderful job getting rid of the squirrels in our attic. I called three other companies, but none were responsive. I called Catch-It and spoke with Wade. They showed up when they said they would and kept their word on each follow-up visit. They were very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Catch-It Wildlife and Pest Control.”

    Jeremy Willwin

    “Had a significant mole problem in my newly seeded and landscaped backyard. Got a quick response from Catch-It Wildlife & Pest Control. Technician diagnosed problem quickly and set traps. Traps were effective catching two moles, which eliminated the problem. Would highly recommend this business for anyone experiencing mole or other issues.”

    Jim Pedersen

    “Awesome service, quick and reasonably priced. Hopefully won't need any more removals but if we do, Catch-It is the only call.”

    Perry Beal

    “We used this service to remove a possum that was under our porch. Wayne was very helpful, came out the next day and put traps out, and on the first try he caught two! Reset the traps and caught a racoon, reset the traps and caught another possum and a racoon. We had no idea this was going on under our porch! Now I feel comfortable knowing the wildlife is gone and can let me cats outside! Thank you Wayne! Excellent service!”

    Mindy Kenneykenney

Can You Get Rid of Chipmunks Yourself?

Chipmunks are not protected by any Federal law. In most states, including Missouri, chipmunks can be trapped or killed when they are causing damage. However, doing this yourself can be difficult and time consuming. Small commercially manufactured or homemade traps can be used to catch chipmunks in your yard. After catching them, they should be released at least 10 miles away from their capture point.

However, luring chipmunks into your own traps requires some expertise and a lot of time. If you have a chipmunk problem that needs to be solved quickly, it is usually recommended that you seek out a qualified professional chipmunk control service.

How Can Catch-it Wildlife & Pest Help You With Chipmunk Removal?

Our highly trained technicians can do a survey of your property. Once we determine the area where chipmunks are set traps to capture the chipmunks. Our technician will quickly remove the animals once they have been captured and take them away from your Kansas City Metro Area property.

How Can You Get in Touch With Catch-it Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife or pest problem, contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or call us at (816) 441-3921 today! Catch-It Wildlife provides pest control, wildlife removal, and bird control services!


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